[Evolution] evolution hangs frequently when on adsl link

Hi All,
        I am using evolution 1.4 on a Mandrake 9.2 system.  Some of the time I
am connected via ethernet but at other times via a 802.11b net to a
128Kbps adsl link (at home).

When on the wlan/adsl connection evolution frequently hangs with
"pinging IMAP server ....." in the status line.  This seems to take at
least 10 minutes to time out.

Running standard pings over the link I get about a 3% Packet loss -- I
will be taking this up with the supplier.

Quite why evolution thinks it is necessary to ping the server and why it
hangs up with such a long timeout is beyond my comprehension.

Does anyone else have this trouble? Is there a way to shorten the
timeout on (or preferably disable) the pings.

Some times other operations (particularly those that have sub ops like expunge) fail.

I have seen this problem very occasionally while connected via ethernet and
somewhat more frequently while on a dialup connection -- but nothing
like as frequently as with the dsl link. 

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