Re: [Evolution] encrypt a local folder

On Wed, 2004-02-18 at 10:18, Donald D Henson wrote:
I was tempted to install the crypto filesystem when I installed SuSE
9.0 but it looks very new and I'm always afraid to use really new
stuff. Are you using the crypto file system? Have you experienced any
problems with it?

Don Henson

The SuSE crypto file system is not that new.  I have been using it on
one of my computers since SuSE 7.2 or 7.3.  I have had no problems with
it.  Just remember that the file system encryption is only to reduce the
likelihood of someone getting access to your file system or possibly
through the actual hard drive if taken from your computer.  Once you
have logged in, the file system is available to any one who has access
to your computer. 

During the boot process there is a spot to type in the access code.  If
this is entered correctly then the file system is available, if the
entered code is incorrect then the encrypted file system(s) remain
encrypted and not accessible.

The best security, of evolution of any other files, remains the physical
security to keep unauthorized persons away from your computer when you
are logged in and either log out or turn off your computer when you
leave your computer.

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