Re: [Evolution] I can not send email!!


My guess is that you have set your POP or SMTP server to something like "" and it should be set to "" (skip the quotation marks).
http:// is not part of the host name; Mozilla is probably ignoring that, but Evolution seems to be interpreting it as though your server were named "http" and the port number it wanted to connect to was //, which is obviously not a number.

Cut out the http:// bit and it should work.



On Tue, 2004-02-17 at 18:00, mafelix softhome net wrote:

 I am running Evolution 1.2 on Red Hat 9 and trying to use it to 
send/receive mail. Upon correct POP/SMTP configuration when I try to send an 
email(receiving is OK) I get the following error message: 

Error while performing operation
Host lookup failed: http: host not found 

The identical configuration in Mozilla Mail works flawlessly! I do not know 
what is the problem!! 

Thanks, Felix
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