Re: [Evolution] Evolution Consistently Crashes at Startup


Thanks for the reply.  I couldn't look at this over the weekend since we
dont' have a VPN thru our firewall at work.

The problem was not gconfd-2 and it isn't even installed.  The problem
was resolved by my removing all my .g* hidden files.  I had moved the
evolution directory out of the way but not all the .gnome related
files.  Apparently, the installation process is not good at


hi david,

Am Sam, 2004-02-14 um 01.11 schrieb David Kendig:
gtkhtml-ERROR **: gconf error: Configuration server couldn't be
 CORBA error:

perhaps gconfd-2 isn't running. gconf is a part of gnome (similar to the
m$ windows-registry) to store many settings of evolution.

try to run /usr/libexec/gconfd-2 and if there are errors, post them
again to this list...

hope this is something to start with,


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