[Evolution] Adding uptime to sig

Not so much an Evolution-specific question, but a lot of knowledgeable
email people on the list.  I have a python script that I use currently
in my sig and wanted to add a line to show the output of the 'uptime'

Would someone be able to tell me how to do this?  Such as add it as a
line under the current sig?  Here's the script I'm using:


# change this to point to your file of quotes
aff_file = "/home/trey/quotes.txt"

import string, random

# hack this at will
print "-- <br>"
print "Cheers,<br>"
print "Trey<br>"
print "---<br>"
print "<br>"

# cryptic python stuff which pulls a line from a text file
# at random
affs = open(aff_file,"r")
affs = affs.readlines()
aff = affs[int(random.random() * len(affs))].split("\n")[0]

# print the randomly selected line
print aff


Thieves respect property;
they merely wish the property to become their property
that they may more perfectly respect it.
-- G.K. Chesterton, "The Man Who Was Thursday"

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