Re: [Evolution] Trust of untrusted keys in public keyring

On Tue, 2004-02-17 at 07:52, James W Ascroft-Leigh wrote:
Hi all,

I have just configured gpg to get public keys from a key server and
something concerns me about how evolution deals with this.  Evolution
reports that "the sender of this message is very likely who they claim
to be"

where does evo claim this? no where does it say any such thing.

 and yet the output from gpg does not support this assertion.

amazingly enough, we report whatever gpg reports (since what we show in
the dialog is simply gpg's stderr spewage)

wording of this message is dubious at best but is clearly incorrect in
this case.

looking at your screenshot, I see no such dubious message of which you

There is an option to "Always trust keys in my keyring when encrypting"
which I keep off but there does not seem to be an equivalent option for
verifying and the 'default' is not my preferred (indeed not a suitable)

is there a gpg option for "always trust" when verifying? I don't believe
there is - hence no option in Evolution :-)


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