[Evolution] Object is invalid and can not be updated: evo/connector

Evo, release 0.snap.ximian.6.1
Connector 1.4.5, release 0.ximian.6.1

Connected to an Exchange 2000 server, enterprise edition, very recent
patch/update levels.

I know this have been discussed before, but for all of us Connector
users this is now becoming a large problem.  When I get a meeting
request in, scroll the iCal attachement down the to the "Update Status"
button to either accept or decline the meeting, and click the button,
about half the time I get an error dialog with the following message:

"Object is invalid and can not be updated"

I have not been able to determine predictible conditions to reproduce
this, but it is happening frequently at this point.  Based on list
traffic about the problem, I know I'm not an isolated case.  When this
problem occurs, I have been able to determine the following:

- The meeting organizer gets a message back indicating that I have
either accepted or declined the meeting.
- The meeting record itself is *not* updated with my acknowledgement.
- The meeting does *not* show up in my calendar.

If I try repeatedly on a meeting request that has suffered this problem,
it will repeatedly act the same way, each time giving me the error,
sending an email to the meeting organizer, and not doing anything else.

Any thoughts?  I know this has already been logged as a bug, but based
on list traffic the problem seems to be getting worse.  I know in my
case the problem first occured very infrequently a while back with Evo
1.4.0 and a version of Connector released at the same time.  Since then,
through several updates to get to the versions noted at the beginning of
this note, the problem has gotten steadily worse.


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