Re: [Evolution] address autocomplete broken in my 1.4.5 build

No - autocompletion only kicks in after 3 characters, so typing "bo" won't do anything.


On Tue, 2004-02-10 at 04:42, k rennert wrote:
Hey all,

I just compiled a fresh copy of evolution 1.4.5 on a
clean gentoo install. Everything works great, except
for the address autocomplete feature (i.e. in the To:
field, when I type in 'bo' it should offer me
bob spam net, bonita homegardenias com and so on) . 

I don't feel like it's a setting issue, because if I
use the same version of evolution, with my same nfs
mounted home directory, on another, older gentoo
install, autocomplete works great. 

I'm totally at a loss as to where to begin to solve
this problem.  I've posted a question to the gentoo
forums, but haven't gotten any response at all. Is
there a library that evolution depends on to do this
type of autocomplete that might not have been built? A
compile setting? 

Any pointers anyone can provide would be really
gratefully received. Thanks. 


BTW, my apologies if this is a repeat post, but I
tried to post this a few days ago and don't see it in
the archives. 

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