Re: AW: [Evolution] Multiple POP accounts, one inbox?????

On Mon, 2004-02-09 at 14:18, Zot O'Connor wrote:
On Mon, 2004-02-09 at 11:11, Alexander Nolting wrote:
 Hello Zot,

To Outlook: It does. Different users have to login in a stand
alone installation with their own profiles. Outlook stores the
data in different .pst files for each user.

What do you mean "stand alone installation?"  If I have 4 pop accounts,
does outlook (or Outlook Express) require me to log out and log into
windows again?

Pardon my jumping in here, but having faced the same challenge with a
client I think I understand what you are looking for Zot.

Outlook and Outlook Express have the same functionality, but with
different labels. Let's talk about Outlook first. And let's assume that
the user isn't connecting to an Exchange server, just POP.

When a user logs in to Windows under a local or domain user account and
sets up Outlook, Outlook creates a "profile" for that user's use.
Outlook also creates one *.pst file for each profile, typically located
in the user's Documents and Settings directory on the hard drive, and
stores all Tasks, Emails, Contacts, Calendars, etc. for that profile in
that pst file. 

If the user has four different POP accounts, the user may add each
account to the current profile. If that is done, all of the incoming
emails from all of the POP accounts are deposited together in the one
Inbox of that profile.

If you want to keep separate Inboxes, you have some choices: 

First, you can use Outlook Rules to filter incoming email by the "To:"
field, and deposit the email in separate folders. This separates the
email but provides no security. (This also won't work well with mailing
lists.)  The user using that profile will have access to all folders in
that profile. All of the POP accounts emails are also kept in one pst
file. This is the most convenient solution for fast switching between
accounts (although you are really not switching accounts at all, just
looking in different folders).

Second, you can create separate Outlook profiles (meaning separate pst
files) for each POP account. This keeps the Inboxes separate, and
requires you to close Outlook, choose a different profile, and then
restart Outlook to get to a different POP account. You can configure
Outlook to prompt you as to which profile you want to use when it starts
up.  This still provides no security, but makes it impossible to
accidently mix up emails from different accounts. (Running multiple
instances of Outlook to get around this is not possible.)

Third, you can create separate local Windows or domain accounts for each
POP account. This provides some security in Windows 2000 or better on an
NTFS file system, because Windows uses ACLs to prevent one user from
looking at another user's private folders, like their *.pst file. But,
this also means you must log off and then log back in to Windows each
time you want to look at a different POP account. Not very convenient.

Outlook Express works pretty much the same way. Outlook Profiles are
called "Identities" in Outlook Express, and you can switch Identities
without having to close and relaunch Outlook Express.

I hope this is helpful...


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