AW: [Evolution] Multiple POP accounts, one inbox?????

Hello Zot,

To Outlook: It does. Different users have to login in a stand
alone installation with their own profiles. Outlook stores the
data in different .pst files for each user.

Alexander Nolting

This Mail is created with Outlook 2003 ;-))

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On Sat, 2004-01-31 at 09:25, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
try filtering your mail

Unfortunately this involves a legal case for at least one of the
accounts, so co-mingling is out of the question, which is 
what filtering
would do.  Things are a bit sticky in my situation, which I 
recognise as

I was hoping to keep multiple POP account completely separate 
and leave
the mail on the server.

BTW comments like "POP is for lusers, IMAP is for people." is 
unhelpful.  I completely familiar with the differences and run all my
personal mail through IMAP.  I have avoided POP for about 4-5 
years now,
but currently have no choice (and its being forced on me from two
different directions).

As someone pointed out Mozilla handles multiple POP accounts
separately.  I think (but do not know) that Outlook does.

If someone can confirm Outlook, I will file a bug/feature request.



On Fri, 2004-01-30 at 17:46, Zot O'Connor wrote:
I have a need for multiple POP account.

Apparently evo is dumping them into one INBOX.

That seem crazy.

And no, fecthmail is not an option, they have to stay POP.

With multiple IMAP folders, I get a server ->INBOX.  I expected
something similar for POP.

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