Re: [Evolution] Linking a hyperlink with a browser

On Mon, 2004-02-02 at 19:56, guenther wrote:
  At some point earlier on (weeks), when I clicked on a hyperlink in an
email, and Mozilla was open, Mozilla would load the URL and open a
window to accept that URL.  Now, nothing happens.
   Where can I install the browser to be activated in this situation?

So here we go again with the most-wanted answer... ;-)

Note: The last time I posted this answer I attached a somewhat outdated
script by accident. (That script perfectly works but uses an unnecessary
application to call.) Note to self: When switching machines, make sure
your scripts are not only working, but actually pretty. ;)


Setting default browser (Evolution 1.4 / Gnome 2.x)


Thanks guenther,

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