Re: [Evolution] Quick question on Filter on Subject...

I have one of my accounts getting 3 Ximian list's..

I have a filter that says 
If subject contains [Evolution] move to the folder

my problem is that it seems to copy it to the folder and not move it..
any ideas on how to tweak it so it moves it?

Well, as you already have solved your issue, this is just for the
records (and the archives ;-)

You should not filter on the subject unless there is nothing else to
filter for. As you are filtering mailing lists, Evolution offers a
convenient and more robust way for filtering: The special List-*

See a post to the list (like this one) and create the filter using
 Tools / Create Filter from Message / Filter on Mailing List

This sure will not filter CCed personal replies (common on some mailing
lists) but they actually are not list mails though. This method will not
trigger on false mails.

Beside this, there are two other common issues leading to behavior like
you described:

- Set "Stop Processing" on the end of *every* filter that has actions on
mails, which shall not be processed by any other filter. Otherwise
filters can have strange effects. Reordering the filters is appropriate
sometimes, too. (yuck, your issue ;)

- Moving mails actually isn't "moving" but a "copy and mark for
deletion". If you still do see those filtered mails piling up in you
Inbox, check View / Hide Deleted Messages or Expunge the folder.


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