Re: [Evolution] Questions about Help and Signature files - Evolution 1.4.5


Mark Phillips
On Mon, 2004-02-02 at 18:10, guenther wrote:
2. How can I edit a signature file? I setup a signature file through
Tools->Settings, Edit my email account. I can select different
signatures and create new signatures, but I cannot find a way to edit or
delete one of the existing signatures. Do I have to do this outside of
evolution? Where are the files stored?

To edit/manage/delete your signatures, see:
 Tools / Settings / Composer Preferences / Signatures

The signatures are stored in your ~/evolution/signatures/ directory. New
signatures are generated with file names like signature-X, where X is a
number. These files are associated with user provided descriptive names
using GConf keys.

Spoiler: Now, if you wanna play around with this [1] you can. Sure, you
can mess with the relevant GConf keys, but symlinks perfectly work. So
you can have that files point somewhere else. I have my signatures
living ~/.signatures/. This may be handy, if you have to use another
mailer some times, sharing sigs. As if anyone would want to... ;)

See your old signatures or create a new one, using some unique text.
Remove the relevant signature file and create a symlink pointing to your
existing one.


[1]  Actually, only IF you want. This is more for the archives and any
curious readers, who wanna customize Evo some more.
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