[Evolution] "This message has not been sent"


Simple question, I hope. I'm running Evo 1.4.5 w/Connector to my work's Exchange account. I have everything working well. One question centers on the items that are sent and put in the 'sent items' folder for the exchange account. I noticed when I logon to a Window$ box and run the Outlook client that these items in the 'sent items' folder indicate that they have 'not been sent' (when indeed they have b/c I tested with a separate pop account). I have also received replies from individuals that I have sent messages to in Evo. It isn't a major concern however, as I can make a mental note as to the messages I sent in Evo vs. Outlook.

Is this a bug in Evo or something in the Exchange server settings with Outlook. Just curious.


Derek D.

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