[Evolution] Error while 'Opening folder imap://user localhost/mailfolder

hello everyone,

i'm getting the following error message when trying to open one of my mail folders:

"Error while 'Opening folder imap://user localhost/mailfolder':
Server unexpectedly disconnected: Invalid or incomplete multibyte or wide character"

I've no idea how to go about solving this issue. Could somebody kindly give me a hint or pointers as to what might be the problem? Thanks a lot.

I would like to add that I have 14 mailfolders in this imap account, and only with one do I get this error message when trying to open it. However, I have also installed Thunderbird on this machine and with Thunderbird all of the mailfolders open without a problem, even the one that I can't access in Evolution.

My setup:
Redhat 9.0
Postfix 2:1.1.12-1
Dovecot 0.99.10-6
Evolution 1.4.5

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