Re: [Evolution] Evolution Constantly Crashing

On Mon, 2004-02-02 at 11:15 -0800, Glen Baker wrote:
1) ftp has 200402020758 builds (time is UTC), and that package is also
on the public Red Carpet server.  It should be easily installable with
Red Carpet.  What server are you using?

I'm using When I look at the evolution snapshot
channel I see the following packages:


That's it. No plain old evolution package. Am I being dense here? Is
there no basic package named something like "evolution"?

There should be an "Updates" tab for software that is currently
installed but for which a newer version is available. "Available
Software" (which I suspect you're looking at) is the software which is
available and which you *don't* have installed.  You don't need rc-
openssl or -devel packages to run the software (though they're useful if
you're trying to compile it).

I notice that if I go to the Ximian Evolution channel there's a whole
bunch of 6.1 packages, but none of those say "evolution" either...

The "6.1" bit is part of a revision.  It's used to distinguish different
builds of the same version.  If the current stable non-snapshot version
of Evolution is installed, "evolution" will only appear in the
"Installed Software" tab.

2) Along a parallel track, it might be useful to know what conflicts
it's reporting.  This version should be a drop-in replacement for the
current Evolution package.

[gbaker janus rpms]$ rpm -i --test

First mistake: rpm -i is really only useful for kernels.  For anything
that isn't a kernel, you almost certainly want rpm -U.  This is most
especially true for software that you already have installed in some

Second mistake: you'll probably need assorted gal and gtkhtml updates as
well.  Trying to install packages one at a time often doesn't work well,
especially when the software in question has or satisfies dependencies.
Red Carpet is the easiest way around such things, once you get past the

-Mark Gordon

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