Re: [Evolution] Backup and Restore

On Mon, 2004-02-02 at 13:14, Celsun . wrote:
Someone please point me in the right direction or post step-by-step 
instructions for backing up and restoring Evolution.

Following some of the posts on this list I did the following on MDK 9.1 to 
backup Evo 1.4.5:

      evolution --force-shutdown
      pruned all indexing files mbox.* in ~/evolution/local/(sub) folders
      In ~/evolution  tar czvf evolution.tar.gz evolution

If you are in ~/evolution try `tar czvf evolution.tar.gz .`

      this did create the archive and I moved it to a FAT partition on another 
hard drive

Don't FAT partitions lose the user permissions on files.  I think tar
may know about them though?  Probably not, the user that uncompresses
the file will probably have their permissions put on the new
uncompressed files.  Anyone else?

I'm not sure of the settings, but maybe you'd like to back up more an
just your Evo settings as Evo uses a lot of the "GNOME" settings as

      copied ~/.gconf/apps/evolution/ to another hard drive

Restore to a fresh install of Evo 1.4.5, on a fresh install of MDK, before 
running it the first time

      Moved     evolution.tar.gz into ~/evolution from the other hard drive

      tar xzvf evolution.tar.gz

This command is correct iff you only tar'd the "local" directory. 
Otherwise you should have extracted it into ~/ and you may want to tar
up the entire ~/evolution directory or just the local mail directory
depending on what you want to achieve.

      Nothing happened  after trying it a couple of times it created 
~/evolution/~/evolution or    something like that

      Copied ~/.gconf/apps/evolution/ back

It turned out to be a big mess and even though I saw hundreds of files being 
archived, the archive file appears to be empty now. (46B) How and why did 
this happen?

Don't know... You must have overwritten your tar file with something
when things didn't go right?  Burn backups to CD's so that they cannot
be over-written.  You can also encrypt them if you are worried about

Unfortunately, evolution was not backed up so I've lost over a year's worth 
of e-mails.

Sorry to hear that, best of luck!  You're on the right track as far as I
can tell.

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