Re: [Evolution] Getting Evo to work with Maildir/ format

On Sun, 2004-02-01 at 14:38, Robert Krueger wrote:
On Sun, 2004-02-01 at 12:30, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
you are totally confused it sounds like...

  You are probably right ;-)

you are making this way more complicated than it really is

View->Folder Tree

sorry, it's called View->Folder Bar

  I don't have this selection under View.
  I'm using Evo 1.4.4.   Maybe that's not the latest?

now, what does your folder tree look like? It should look something like

  Anyhow, my folders structure is the same ( a few additional ones like
Postfix, Procmail, Evolution) until after Trash.
Then mine looks like this:

-Other Contacts

- VFolders

I have nothing that looks like:

[-] <Maildir account name>
 |- .

then you haven't created a Maildir account!


Thanks for being patient.

On Sun, 2004-02-01 at 11:43, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
did you hit send&receive?

  Several times, many times, a hundred times...

 which folder are you checking for the new

Local Folders


<maildir account>

I just got through detaing this information for you below. 
Unless I misunderstand your question, I'll repeat myself:

-This is the folder I am checking for the new mail -
- It is where Procmail is delivering the mail -


Let me try again...  The way I understand Evo works when I select
Maildir/ format is it (Evo) creates the three neccesary directories
(cur,new,tmp) under $HOME/evolution/local/Inbox/mbox/.  And it did do

First attempt:

   When I redirect Postfix and Procmail to deliver to
$HOME/evolution/local/Inbox/mbox/ in maildir/ format, I get all my
messages in Evo in Inbox.  The only thing that -does not work- with this
setup is the filters.  I do not know why.
Second attempt:

When I direct Postfix and Procmail to deliver to $HOME/Maildir/, and
redirect Evo to pick up mail in $HOME/Maildir/, Evo does not pick up any
mail at all.  It appears Evo doesn't like retrieving mail from anywhere
but $HOME/evolution/local/Inbox/mbox/.   But that's just my opinion..


On Sun, 2004-02-01 at 11:30, Robert Krueger wrote:
On Sat, 2004-01-31 at 22:38, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
no no no. that is all wrong. Don't point an evo account at an internal
evo folder. this is likely your problem.

have your procmail deliver mail to ~/Maildir/ and point evo at that.


Well, evo doesn't work since I made your suggested changes back to
~Maildir/.     I don't even get mail in my Inbox anymore.
  Let me go over the current status of settings, we must have missed 

Postfix and procmail:
    Now deliver once again to /home/robert/Maildir/.
    As evidence to this fact, KMail received my last email, evo would
not see it.  I did try evo first before KMail.

        Under Tools/Settings/Mail Accounts/Edit/Receiving mail/

        Server type:  Maildir-format mail directories
        Path:  /home/robert/Maildir/

        Local Folders - Inbox / Properties:
                Set to maildir ( Maildir-format mail directories)

That's the best I can offer for now.  I even checked permissions on all
pertinent directories from ~Maildir/ to ~evolution/local/Inbox/ and they
are all the same. (700)


On Sat, 2004-01-31 at 19:45, Robert Krueger wrote:
On Sat, 2004-01-31 at 18:47, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
On Sat, 2004-01-31 at 18:42, Robert Krueger wrote:
I wasn't sure if I should repost this question as part of the
original, but it's the same subject. (sort of)
I changed over Postfix and Procmail to evolutions maildir/ format
directory, and it brought in the messages. ( Very good thing!! )
Only it didn't filter a single on even though I selected "Apply
filters to Inbox".
How come?


no idea, you haven't given me enough info. where exactly is the mail

  To /home/robert/evolution/local/Inbox/mbox/

 what type of account did you setup in evo? 


where does it
point to? 


what are your filters doing?

 Nothing.   Everything ends up in the Inbox.  I haven't changed the
filters at all.  They have been working fine.  It's just since going to
the maildir/ format that the filters stopped working.  I even went
through and made sure all the folders I have created ( Procmail users,
Postfix Users, Evolution, etc ) were all in maildir/ format by
right-clicking on the folder.
   Maybe a link has been broken and I need to delete and reenter a new
filter since changing over to the new style.  I'm not sure, but I'll
wait for your advice.  That's about as much info as I have, Jeff.


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