Re: [Evolution] Multiple POP accounts, one inbox?????

On Sat, 2004-01-31 at 19:56, Aaron Kemp wrote:
It being the default is an unfortunate reality caused by attitudes like
yours.  It *is* better, and it has nothing to do with being 'elitist'.

If you'll actually read the email more closely, you'll see that the
comment was directed against the idea of referring to anyone who uses
POP as a "luser". *That* attitude is elitist and has no excuse. The
question of which is a better email solution was never raised in my

If you are offended by the term
'luser' then I think you need to take a step back, because you will hear
much worse during your adventures posting and reading online.

Oh, I have, in the several years I've been online. The little spats that
erupt in this list are decidedly tame.

I think you are forgetting that the attitude you are being so critical
of is the one that created the software you are now using. 

So you're claiming that the attitude of condescension that exhibits
itself in referring to an entire group of people who use software based
around a particular protocol as "lusers" is the motivating force behind
the creation of software like Linux? I think you're the one who needs to
step back.

Also keep in mind that if you actually want *official* support, you
should buy it from Ximian, not expect volunteers to answer your
questions on this list.  If you aren't interested in paying for help,
get ready to deal with some things you might not like.

I *have*, Mr. Kemp. Spare me your assumptions. Now, I've had my say, and
so far as I'm concerned this thread is closed. We've already wasted
enough bandwidth in what is supposed to be a support forum.

-Bob James
Pentar InfoSystems    KeyID: FEBEC3DB

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