Re: [Evolution] Comments and questions on the Evolution mailer

On Thu, 2004-12-16 at 10:11 +0100, guenther wrote:
2. Changing time format in the message list area to 24 hour format,
without changing the LOCALE. I have not not found out how to do this yet
and it is _very_ annoying to use the AM/PM format.
no, you will need to change the locale/lang or at least LC_TIME
variable (i presume). 

Yep. For way more details, please see an earlier post by me discussing
this topic:

I don't think this helps.  I recently asked a similar question about
date formats and got no responses (except for a me too -- thanks
poc ;) )  The locale stuff affects the way the format elements are
displayed, not which format elements are used.  You can't use the
LC_TIME to change the display from 12 to 24 hour or to suppress

What I want is an option that allows me to specify a strftime format for
the timestamp.  

Hmmm...  this isn't lurking on one of the xml files (like the keyboard
shortcuts are) somewhere by any chance?


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