Re: [Evolution] Re: Evolution and OpenLDAP contacts lists

If you start evolution-data-server in a terminal you can see what is
going wrong in contact creation from debug output. 

On Thu, 2004-12-09 at 09:50 -0600, Mike Meyer wrote:
An update to my statements below.....

On Thu, 2004-12-09 at 09:42, Mike Meyer wrote:
Hi All,

    I just recently picked up the latest version of evolution with a new
installation of fedora linux and would like to implement a network
accessible contacts list using OpenLDAP. I have been able to
successfully create an OpenLDAP (version 2.2.17) database and
successfully attach to it using Evolution (version 2.0.2) with
administrative privileges. 

    I cannot however view the entries in the database previously entered
via an LDAP ".ldif" file.

I can view the entries created within the LDAP database. All I had to do
was hit the clear button.

 Evolution does allow me to add new members via
the contacts view (i.e. no error indication). However, they never make
it into the LDAP database.

Still cant add though. Must be a permissions problem for the user I am
logging in as. Evolution or Open LDAP do not feed back an error
indication that there is any permissions problem or that it fails

Anyone out there have experience with this configuration? I would
appreciate any recommendations or direction.

Mike Meyer

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