[Evolution] Another evolution migration experience

I have just migrated from Evolution 1.4.7 with Connector 1.4.7 (from the
Fedora Core 2 current set - connector from DMalcolm's builds) to
Evolution 1.5.93 with Connector 1.5.92 both from the Fedora/Rawhide
development RPM sets.

This was a pretty positive experience - much kudos to you guys, and so
the fact that I'm going to dwell on the really pretty minor bug bears is
pretty unfair :-/

     1. Connector works.  And its more stable than the old one (which
        could crash if I deleted more than one message at a time).  I've
        not seriously stressed it but it feels damn good so far.
     2. Migration: lost the colour related to the spell checking marking
        from settings.
     3. Migration/Semantics change issue: I send mail by SMTP to port
        587 and have Use SSL set to "Always".  This now (incorrectly)
        attempts to do SSL on connect rather than SMTP connect and
        STARTTLS.  [1.4.x did this right].  Changing the setting to
        "Whenever Possible" works OK.
     4. My unseen virtual folder behaves differently in that when I
        switch to (say) calendar and back it tends to rescan content
        again, so you only get real unseen messages without the
        previously-read-in-this-session-but-started-out-unseen messages.
        However twiddling the properties and finding the nice new stuff
        to pulling in related messages/threads makes up for this in a
        big way!!!
     5. I *love* the web calendar stuff.  Now I just want a neat way to
        export calendars.
     6. IMAP performance is definitely worse, although acceptable in
        this environment.  Exchange performance seems rather better.
     7. Pilot sync appears broke at present... although that may be down
        to some confusion in gnome-pilotd which has been running right
        through.  Will look properly later.
     8. Calendar: I marked my Exchange calendar (first one on list) with
        a colour.  If I add another calendar of any type the colour
        "falls off" the exchange calendar.
     9. Signatures appear to be screwy (shuffled between accounts) after
        migration.  However this might have existed pre-migration - it
        was just more obviously wrong after.....

Thats all I can think of given 4 hours of use - I'm currently very happy
with this upgrade.

[ Nigel Metheringham           Nigel Metheringham InTechnology co uk ]
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