[Evolution] Filters appear to copy instead of move.

I have several filters that move inbound messages to a folder based on the sender's address.  For many of them, however, it appears a copy is being done instead of a move, because the original is still there.

In ALL cases where this happens, there is an upper level move that has already executed.  For example, here's my (abstracted) folder hierarchy:


and my (also abstracted) filter rules

1) If sender is "bug-server mycompany com", move to folder BugReports
2) if sender ends with "_alert mycompany com", move to folder ServerAlerts
3) if sender contains "mycompany.com", move to folder Company.

When bug reports come in, they do show up in Company/BugReports, but they also show up in Company.  Similarly, when server alerts arrive, they show up in Company/ServerAlerts, but also in Comapny.

It looks like rules (1) and (2) are applied properly, but then rule (3) finds messages that have already been moved and copies them?  In case its not obvious, I do NOT want any copies - I want all my inbound messages in one and only one folder.

Any thoughts?

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