Re: [Evolution] Problem with pasted text

søn, 18.04.2004 kl. 20.45 skrev Seth Williamson:
I have noticed an exception to the rule on this problem.  Several times
I have had to paste into the Evolution editing field large chunks of
text from the Open Office word processor.

It pasted in perfectly, with none of the HTML weirdness, and was easy to
edit.  The problem seems to occur when I'm pasting into an outgoing
letter a big chunk of text from another letter in Evolution.  Apparently
there is some kind of formatting, HTML or rich text or something else,
that is part of the text in an Evolution editing field.  I wish there
were some way to "sterilize" the text and get rid of everything but
plain old text, because the odd behavior you most frequently encounter
while doing this is a major pain in the a++.

Paste it first into gedit, then paste that text into Evo. Works a treat.

I suppose it's one of those things like the Gnome 1 clipboard which
didn't work at all without all kinds of funny stuff in between, and
which suddenly works perfectly in Gnome 2. It'll go away in the end,
with new desktop and Evo versions. As it is, it's now all *so* much
better than Windows, that the little things don't seem to matter so
much, any more. Anything, but anything rather than Windows ;)



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