I have SpamAssassin running as filter on my Evolution,
but now i want to use sa-learn automatically.
Any suggestion on how i can operate on Evo?
AT the moment i have a subfolder SPAM that i examine befor delete ol
spam mail, but i would automatically use sa-learn whenever i have spam.
What about creating a filter rule that execute 
spamassassin -e
in sequence?

Using spamc/spamd combination rather than spamassassin will dramatically
decrease scanning time. Also, when training Bayes filters this way, you
probably want the --no-rebuild option and periodically rebuild the
Bayesian database.

I don't really see how you can automate the sa-learn process. You have
to specifically tell it whether what it is looking at is spam or
non-spam (ham). Training sa-learn on messages that spamassassin has
already correctly identified as spam is a waste of time.

Depends -- identified SPAM which is below the autolearn threshold should
be learned manually to optimize results. Already learned messages are
recognized, thus learning again does not do any harm.

In order to use sa-learn you first have to train it on a whole bunch of
non-spam. Pick some of you biggest folders (which contain no spam) and
run sa-learn on them like this:

sa-learn --ham --mbox ~/evolution/local/path/to/folder/mbox

Yep, learning HAM as well is important.


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