Le ven 31/10/2003 à 14:05, Fedele Stabile a écrit :
Maybe, the subject was wrong so i repost (was: SA_LEARN Hot To)
I have SpamAssassin running as filter on my Evolution,
but now i want to use sa-learn automatically.
Any suggestion on how i can operate on Evo?
AT the moment i have a subfolder SPAM that i examine befor delete ol
spam mail, but i would automatically use sa-learn whenever i have spam.
What about creating a filter rule that execute 
spamassassin -e
in sequence?


I didn't get any answer to my own questions. Maybe I'll get lucky if I
help you ;-)

I can simply suggest the way I do it.

I store all my spam mail in a SPAM_TRAINING folder. And once in a while
I execute the following script. (I've put a nice little icon on my
desktop to avoid the trouble of typing the command in a console. I'm

echo "Analyzing SPAM_TRAINING folder"
sa-learn --spam --mbox --showdots --no-rebuild
sa-learn --rebuild


echo "Done. Press Enter"
read dummy
echo "Done"

Of course, you must change the path </home/user/evolution/local...> to
your own "spam training" folder.

I like this method because I'm sure that Spamassassin is training only
with stuff I feed him.

I've done something similar to have it learn what is good stuff (--ham
parameter instead of --spam).

I hope it helps you!

Philippe Chartier

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