[Evolution] Problem with filters

I have an IMAP account for mail to the admin user on my server. The AV
software on my mail gateway forwards a notice to this account when it
finds a virus (which has happened a lot recently, since I subscribed to
the Samba users' list).

I set up a filter to move these notices to a sub-folder and mark them
read, but I am finding a couple of problems - the rule doesn't seem to
execute when messages are delivered, and if I run it manually, it moves
the message, but doesn't mark it read. Although I'm new to Evolution,
I've been using mail filters for a long time, and am pretty comfortable
with them, but this has me bemused.

The rule is as follows:

If sender contains "postmaster" and source account is
admin douganconsulting com, then move to folder "Junk" (in the same
account) and set status "Read", then stop processing.

Is this a bug, or have I missed something obvious?




Des Dougan

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