[Evolution] camel-pop3-provider-WARNING

After I upgraded to the latest RedCarpet evolution, I have my mail that hangs almost everytime on downloading my mail. My system is MDK 9.1. The message I get from Evo is

[olivier svrdir olivier]$ evolution

(evolution:3924): camel-pop3-provider-WARNING **: POP3 retrieval failed: Interrupted system call

(evolution:3912): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: gsignal.c:2010: instance `0x842c0c0'
has no handler with id `2526'

Is this caused by an ill-behaved mail header? Evo start downloadign mail but hangs ramdomly after a some mails are received. It worth noting that the account I am using receives a lot of spam though.

Any help is welcome.
Olivier Hallot
Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Linux User #245166

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