[Evolution] How do I reset Evolution completely?


I'm using Evolution 1.0.5 under Debian GNU/Linux. I'm using several imap 
accounts, and somehow Evolution has been corrupted. It has crashed several 
times during configuration of new imap accounts. Now it's crashing each time 
I try to start it. 

$ evolution

Gdk-WARNING **: locale not supported by C library

evolution-shell-WARNING **: Error setting owner on component 
OAFIID:GNOME_Evolution_Mail_ShellComponent -- CORBA error

Here it's game over. I get a segmentation-fault from 

Last time Evolution got corrupted, I deleted the "evolution" folder in my 
home-directory, and it started to work again. But I noticed that it still 
knew about the imap accounts. 

This time I'm lost. I've deleted the evolution dir, re-installed the 
evolution package, but it still keeps crashing. I suspect that the reason is 
some corrupted config-info, but I have no idea where it's stored and how to 
remove it. So my question is really how I proceed to completely erase all 
information Evolution has stored, so that I can make a fresh start.

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