Re: [Evolution] minimal header display

Justin Georgeson wrote:
I'd like to be able to reduce the headers displayed to a single line
showing the subject, sender, and date, like I can in Mozilla. I'm using
a laptop with a 12 inch screen, and the header display on an email with
40 recipients takes up quite a bit of space. I'm using 1.2.x so if this
was added to the 1.4 line great. Also, I know I can open the email in
it's own window, reducing the percentage that the headers take up, but I
don't like having to open a new window for it. Thanks.

anyone? Is there no way to reduce the headers displayed? In Mozilla the header disply area is akin to a collapsible tree (not exactly a tree), with a widget to select between subject/sender/date and all/normal. The subject/sender/date takes one line. I'd really like to be able to do this in evolution.

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