Re: [Evolution] Install backuped data to palm

Allan Thanks!

Your hint hit it. By looking for command line apps I found pilot-xfer
that is 'mightier'. I can recommend that for lot of things related to

regards Martin

Am Mit, den 01.10.2003 schrieb Alan Millar um 23:07:
On Tue, 2003-09-30 at 10:16, Martin Bitter t-online de wrote:
what is the right way to re-transfer backuped datas to  a palm using the
palm-conduits installed in evolution?

How can I copy files from PC to palm? 
I have some palm-programs I want to install on the pilot but don't know

Evolution doesn't really talk to your Palm directly.  Evolution has
conduits which are plug-ins to the Gnome Pilot software, which is what
really talks to your Palm.  Gnome Pilot is a set of programs which takes
the place of the Palm Desktop on Windows.

To figure out how to install files, take a look at gpilot-install-file.

- Alan

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