Re: [Evolution] Back again :)

tor, 27.11.2003 kl. 14.39 skrev Jason Tackaberry:

On Thu, 2003-11-27 at 08:00, Tony Earnshaw wrote:
other org that wishes to share certain data. Evo "sees" the shared
folders, but can't do anything with them. Mozilla supports them fully -
as does SquirrelMail and perhaps other clients.

I have no problems with shared folders and Evo, although I'm using
Cyrus.  I can create, delete, read, and post to shared folders just
fine.  (Actions | Post New Message.)

What specific problems are you having?

Hi Jason - thanks for answering!

Basically Evo (through the Courier IMAP server) should find symlinks
from a submap of my Maildir that the Courier server creates, to
centrally-placed shared directories. When I click on the name of the
share (f.ex. I have one called Cats) it should show the shared
subfolders (.today, .notices, .todo etc.). Instead, it gives: "This
folder can not contain mail". If I try to post, as you suggest, it gives
a "no-entry fault panel with "Fault during "Opening folder
imap://tonni localhost/shared/Cats, noselect=yes": The folder
shared/Cats does not exist". This I have to translate from Norwegian :P,
so the actual wording could be just a little different. 


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