[Evolution] Back again :)

Brand new RH ES3 installation (Evo wouldn't run on my old RH 7.2
installation, after my gtk 1 -> 2 update). I've had 5-6 months' worth of
enforced Mozilla and love Evo 1.4 on Gnome2

Had to get used to Evo again. Found that *all* the bitches that I ever
had about the Gnome1 version have magically vanished. Even LDAP contacts
is now really good - congrats, Chris :) and does now support TLS/SSL, as
well as allowing almost complete management of contacts as a privileged
user. I really missed that with Mozilla.

What I'd really love, is shared folder support. I use Courier IMAP 2.2.0
with fam (concurrent file/folder updates) support. This allows users to
define shared mail folders - a tremendous advantage for schools and any
other org that wishes to share certain data. Evo "sees" the shared
folders, but can't do anything with them. Mozilla supports them fully -
as does SquirrelMail and perhaps other clients.

What do I like best about going back to Evo from Mozilla?

- look and feel far nicer (even with Mozilla's custom skins it's still
2-dimensional, Evo is 3-dimensional)
- LDAP contacts and management - with evolutionperson.schema, of course
- Spelling - much better implementation
- smtp and IMAP options (much better than Mozilla, which is brain dead
- summary
- tasks and calendar, of course - but think how much better they'd be
with shared folders
- vfolders

Compiled Pan 1.14.2 - that's got much better too, so I don't miss

All in all, Evo is now a great product. Thanks to everyone for making it
possible - and for listening to what people want.


mail: billy - at - billy.demon.nl

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