Re: [Evolution] Account Type Filters For pop3 mail

On Tue, 2003-11-25 at 09:38, Charles J. Love wrote:
Hopefully this is an ok place to ask this question, if it isnt please
me know..
I am in the process of moving from Windows + Outlook Express to SuSe +
Evolution. When I was in outlook I used rules. I currently have around
15 or so pop3 accounts, all from various customers. I use outlook
express's rules to move messages from specific accounts to specific
folders.. I have been messing with the "rules" in evolution but cant
seem to make one stick for accounts.. 
Does anyone know a way to do this, with out a rule on the Reciepent?
heres an example:
lets say I have 5 pop3 accounts. I then (in outlook express) setup 5

If Mail From Account clove domain1 com move to Domain1 Folder
If Mail From Account clove domain2 com move to Domain2 Folder
If Mail From Account clove domain3 com move to Domain3 Folder
If Mail From Account clove domain4 com move to Domain4 Folder
If Mail From Account clove domain5 com move to Domain5 Folder

Some of these, like I have a catch all going there, so I
could get 30 different to:'s per day..

// This is an exact rule from my outlook express client //
Apply this rule after the message arrives
Where the message is from the * ineedfreebies com account
Move it to the * Ineedfreebies com folder 
// This is an exact rule from my outlook express client //

Thanks for your help!

Perhaps I do not fully understand what you are trying to do, but it
would seem fairly simple

Setup a incoming filter named domain1.
"If all criteria are met"
"Sender" contains "clove domain1 com"
"Move to folder" "Domain1"
"Stop Processing" 

Repeat for each domain.  This seems to meet the criteria that you want
in that it is not filtering on the recipient.

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