Re: [Evolution] Account Type Filters For pop3 mail

On Tue, 2003-11-25 at 10:38, Charles J. Love wrote:
I am in the process of moving from Windows + Outlook Express to SuSe +
Evolution. When I was in outlook I used rules. I currently have around
15 or so pop3 accounts, all from various customers. I use outlook
express's rules to move messages from specific accounts to specific
folders.. I have been messing with the "rules" in evolution but cant
seem to make one stick for accounts.. 
Does anyone know a way to do this, with out a rule on the Reciepent?


There are numerous ways to accomplish this. One that works for me is to
use fetchmail on a single linux server to grab email from the various
pop3 accounts that I use and redirect it all to a single mailbox on that
server. There I use procmail to separate it, distill it, chop it, and
dice it. 

On my laptop, Evolution connects via IMAP to the one server, where my
email is separated into about 35 different folders.

The man pages for procmail and procmailex look scary, so here are a
couple of links to get started quickly:  <-- great starting point

Let me know if you'd like a copy of procmail recipes. Mine are simple
but effective.


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