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I have had the same need, and I ended up using a different solution,
described below. But first, let me say why I changed the method.

I previously used Sylpheed, now Evolution. These mailers (and others)
make it difficult if not impossible to use on a laptop that is sometimes
connected directly, sometimes through ssh tunnels, sometimes

Now for my method :

1. MUA (Evo, sylpheed, etc) always talk to localhost (mbox for incomming
email, postfix MTA for outgoing). Benefit : mbox and postfix are always
running. Never get a timeout. Never have to change my MUA config.

2. incomming mail done with fetchmail and two .fetchmalrc entries (one
for direct, the other for tunnels)

3. outgoing is always manual, with two (one for direct, the
other for tunnels)

The only drawbacks are the somewhat added complexity and the weight of
the running MTA for outgoing emails (postfix in my case). Not an issue
for my Gigabyte ram :-)

I can share configs if wanted. The only real trick is these lines at the
end of to avoid DNS lookups when disconnected :

defer_transports = smtp
disable_dns_lookups = yes


On Tue, 2003-11-25 at 04:14, Fran Fabrizio wrote:
I use Evolution on my Redhat 9 laptop.  I have scripts on my laptop to
configure the laptop for my home or work network depending on where I am
at the moment.  I would like to extend these scripts to change my
Evolution configuration appropriately.

Right now when I switch networks I have to change my smtp server setting
as well as my IMAP server setting.  When I am at home, my IMAP server
has to be set to localhost, because I access my IMAP server through a
port forward set up by ssh.  So at work it has to be,
and at home it has to be localhost.  And then I have to change my smtp
server between the one at work and the one for my ISP.

Is there a straightforward way to do this via text file editing (I'm
fairly good with perl so I could probably whip up a couple-line script
to do it if I knew which files to touch)?  I dug around a bit in my
~/evolution/config/ area but was unsure if this was the right place and
if so which files.


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