[Evolution] Changing Evolution settings via text files

I use Evolution on my Redhat 9 laptop.  I have scripts on my laptop to
configure the laptop for my home or work network depending on where I am
at the moment.  I would like to extend these scripts to change my
Evolution configuration appropriately.

Right now when I switch networks I have to change my smtp server setting
as well as my IMAP server setting.  When I am at home, my IMAP server
has to be set to localhost, because I access my IMAP server through a
port forward set up by ssh.  So at work it has to be imap.mywork.com,
and at home it has to be localhost.  And then I have to change my smtp
server between the one at work and the one for my ISP.

Is there a straightforward way to do this via text file editing (I'm
fairly good with perl so I could probably whip up a couple-line script
to do it if I knew which files to touch)?  I dug around a bit in my
~/evolution/config/ area but was unsure if this was the right place and
if so which files.


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