Re: [Evolution] Changing Evolution settings via text files

oh, right, that key is for evo 1.4.x. In evo 1.2.x, configuration is in
the file ~/evolution/config.xmldb, iirc

Strangest thing - I wrote a little perl script to search and replace the
hex-encoded values for 'source_url_0' (IMAP) and 'transport_url_0'
(SMTP) in the config.xmldb, which it does successfully.  I then start
Evolution, and it ignores the new config, and continues to use the old
one.  Then, when I close Evolution, it overwrites config.xmldb with the
old values again.  

It's as if it uses config.xmldb only to write to, not read from.  Which
must not be the case, of course, but that's how it's behaving.  I've
done it 4-5 times now, double-checking that it really is updating

Any clues? 


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