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     Your IMAP server is sending you every file in your home directory as an IMAP folder. This will cause both the Settings lag (as it loads the list of folders into the various option dialogs) and the wierd folder tree. To fix it, go to Tools -> Settings, then select your account and click "Edit."
  In the Recieving Options tab, look in the "Folders" box.  Check the box labeled "Override server-supplied folder namespace" and enter the name of the folder which contains all your mail-- probably Mail or Maildir. 
  You can also check "Show only subscribed folders" to cut down on the list of folders displayed.

Aaron Weber
Novell Ximian Group

On Mon, 2003-11-24 at 17:36, gareth foster wrote:
Hello again,

Im now using Mozilla Mail, it works fine with my IMAP setup, as does 
Squirrel Mail (webmail). I do like Evolution though, and I'd rather not 
give it up.

It keeps lagging out when i choose settings (to edit the mail settings) 
and takes two mintutes odd to refresh the window. The same happens with 
the main inbox screen after a while, then goes away until i restart.

For some reason, Evolution is listing just about everything in the 
remote home directory, as well as the INBOX.* DRAFTS.* etc. Mozilla just 
gives me the normal inbox, Sent and Trash.

Let me know what i can do to help.



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