Re: [Evolution] How to install ximian connector with Opengroupware?

a bit late, but anyway ...

On 25.10.2003, at 16:02, Klaus Hoffmann wrote:
Now I bought XIMIAN-Connector 1.4 to try to connect Opengroupware with
Evolution, but I can´t get the plugins installed.

Note that 1.4 doesn't work with OGo and we currently do not plan to put much work into that (but rather focus on the native connector).

I don´t know what the OWA Settings of my Server are - the URL
http://localhost:20000/Opengroupware - which I use with my browser,
doesn´t work. ("Server not found")

You need to install/start ZideStore (the integration server which provides the protocol interfaces to all the native clients, Evo, Outlook, Mozilla etc).

Then the correct URL looks like:

You can, but you should not connect ZideStore directly, rather use mod_ngobjweb to tunnel requests through your Apache server.

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