Re: [Evolution] How to install ximian connector with Opengroupware?


sorry for getting back to you so late ...

On 26.10.2003, at 18:31, Xavier Bestel wrote:
I'm very interested in the Evolution native connector for OOo (I have
installed OOo on my debian/woody server just for that). I've skimmed
through the mailing-list (evolution opengroupware org) and the FAQs and
documentation available on the website, but so far I have found *no*
information on where to get this connector, even less on how to install
and use it ...

Yes, it is not yet in a really usable state. Ie I didn't even managed to compile the thing myself ...

Could you give us an URL or something to chew on ?

Well, the connector is in the "evolution" module on the OGo CVS. Some information and updates are posted here:

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