Re: [Evolution] Migrating from Evolution 1.4.5 (Red Hat) to Evolution 1.3.3 (FreeBSD)

On Thu, 2003-11-13 at 21:57, Barry Skidmore wrote:
Since Red Hat is abandoning the hobbyist market, I am looking at other
platforms and am thinking about migrating to FreeBSD.  On a test
machine, I have installed FreeBSD 5.1-RELEASE, X, GNOME 2.2, and the
FreeBSD port of Evolution (1.3.3).

I copied the 'Evolution' folder from my Red Hat system to the FreeBSD
machine, and was pleased that all my Calendar events, Contacts, and
local folders show up.  However, the major problem I am having is that
the messages stored within the folders (in mbox format) do _not_show up,
even though I can open the mbox file with a text editor and see that the
messages are there.

Ugh. FreeBSD shouldn't be shipping 1.3.3. That's not a stable release.

Anyway, if you're downgrading, there might be file format
incompatibilities that don't get dealt with. Try removing all of the
".ev-summary" files from ~/evolution

-- Dan

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