Re: [Evolution] moving - import/export?

I will be moving my primary workstation from one computer to another and
would like to know the preferred method of moving evolution data.

My mail is IMAP so there's no problem there.  But I will need to move
calendar, contacts, local mail, etc from one machine to another.  They
are both on the LAN so moving things around shouldn't be a problem.  Is
it as simple as moving whole directories or files from one computer to
the other?

Just move your entire ~/evolution/ directory (mostly data) and your
~/.gconf/apps/evolution/ directory (most settings and account info).

If the UID and GID will change, adjust them recursively. Preserve the
file permissions for security reasons (shouldn't be an issue for you).

You probably will get some trouble, if your $HOME changes. This path can
be part of the vFolders and Filters XML files. Adjusting them should be
pretty easy, just have a look at those files if needed.

If you are using SSL, move the ~/.camel_certs/ directory too. Spell
checking settings are saved somewhere else, IIRC (I would check GConf).

All that said: If you will move your entire $HOME directory, don't worry
at all... ;)

Btw, my current evolution is 1.4.4 on RH 8 and will be moving to 1.4.5
on the new Fedora Core 1.  Hopefully there's not any important data
changes between versions.

That's fine. Just do not downgrade to 1.2 versions...

I'm sure this has probably been asked before but didn't see anything in
the FAQ about this so that is why I'm asking here.  Thanks for any light
that can be shed on this!

It has, it has... ;)


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