Re: [Evolution] moving - import/export?

On Tue, 2003-11-11 at 12:39, guenther wrote:
Just move your entire ~/evolution/ directory (mostly data) and your
~/.gconf/apps/evolution/ directory (most settings and account info).

If the UID and GID will change, adjust them recursively. Preserve the
file permissions for security reasons (shouldn't be an issue for you).

You probably will get some trouble, if your $HOME changes. This path can
be part of the vFolders and Filters XML files. Adjusting them should be
pretty easy, just have a look at those files if needed.

If you are using SSL, move the ~/.camel_certs/ directory too. Spell
checking settings are saved somewhere else, IIRC (I would check GConf).

All that said: If you will move your entire $HOME directory, don't worry
at all... ;)

Thanks a lot!  Too bad there isn't an import/export function.  But your
instructions come in a close second...

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