Re: [Evolution] filters not automatically working? (1.2.2)

On Fri, 2003-11-07 at 08:05, Charles Bueche wrote:

same problem here, evo only parse my inbox when I first swap to another
local folder then back. Any hint appreciated.

Out of interest do you find that no mail is received until
'send/receive' is actually pressed? I've got my copy set to check for
new mail every 5 minutes, yet nothing happens until I hit the
'send/receive' button, after which things progress normally. Maybe
that's the way it's supposed to behave though??

Just wonder if - for whatever reason - there is some sort of timer bug
in my setup and the two problems (if the send/receive is a problem) are



On Thu, 2003-11-06 at 10:11, Jules Richardson wrote:

(if someone can point me to a searchable version of the list archives
then please do as I'm sure this has been asked before...)

Anyway I just upgraded the home server to Redhat 9, which ships with
Evolution 1.2.2

I'm using local mail delivery for send and receive of mail, but one
thing I'm finding is that my filters don't work unless I explicitly
apply them by selecting all messages and then selecting to apply filters
(at which point everything works as expected and things get moved to the
right folders)

Is there a way of making filters work on incoming mail without the
manual step - and if this is the way it's supposed to work anyway, any
ideas why it's broken? I've checked the support website and couldn't see
anything relevant; there doesn't appear to be a way of searching the
mailing list archives though. 

(Filters are set on incoming mail, and I'm using local mail delivery for
receiving mail)


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