Re: [Evolution] Encoding / Charset and Norwegian characters


Is this mail you send or mail you view from other people? 
What version of evolution?
Are you using IMAP?

If it's your own mails and you are using a version older than 1.4.5 this
might be a bug that's fixed later (at least if you're using imap).

If you have this problem with mails you send, perhaps you are getting
into the same bug that I saw last week (no, haven't reported it yet).

To check try this:

tools->composer preferences->character set->western european

Now start to compose a new mail.  Go to 
Edit->character encoding, check for which encoding is selected.  If it's
an empty one at the end of the list you have the same bug. 

Here is how to fix it.
run gconf-editor
go to /apps/evolution/mail/composer.
check the value of "charset", it's not set, right-click it and set it to
the string "ISO-8859-1"

For some reason the gui didn't manage to update that gconf key.


On Mon, 2003-11-03 at 18:13, Trond Kringstad wrote:
Hi list,
I've just started to use evolution, I noticed that some of the emails
the norwegian characters wrong. Something like this:

"Du vil få mulighet til å smake på følgende kvaliteter"
'Ã¥' should be 'å' and 'ø' should be 'ø'.

Has anyone else this problem? I've tried to set different encoding in
evolution, but that didn't  help.


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