[Evolution] Synchronising laptop and desktop evolutions


I have a laptop and desktop both running evolution 1.4.5.

I require to synchronise information between the 2 systems.

Guenther pointed me towards multisync

This will not work properly (compilation/installation issues) for me,
and the response from the multisync community has been a deafening

I have decided to drop multisync, and in casting about have run across
references to imap.

I am a total bewbie as far imap is concerned.  If someone could answer
my basic questions, or point me towards a document that will cover these
questions, I would be grateful.

I am thinking that my 'base' system will be my desktop, and that will
run an imap server which I can use when the laptop is connected to my
lan to synchronise my email folders.

Is this feasible, will this allow the synchronisation of contacts and
calendar information for instance?

Thanks, I would like to get as much info as possible before plunging
into the murky depths.

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