Re: [Evolution] Problem with debian mixed system

I was able to obtain the Evolution 1.2.4 .deb packages from and used dpkg
to install on my Debian woody(stable) system.  I installed it right over
the top of the existing 1.0 installation.  It's working well for me,
although I'm having trouble getting it to play any sound upon receipt of
new mail (then again, sound is a problem for me in general on this IBM
Thinkpad 390X).

I'd like to install 1.4.5 but I'm a little leery of having to also
install the unstable libc6.

On Fri, 2003-11-07 at 00:22, Alessio Bragadini wrote:
On Wed, 2003-11-05 at 14:29, Ben Edwards wrote:

I have been running a Debian mixed system (testing/unstable) mainly to
get a recent version of evolution.

I did just the same, for the same reason, and never encountered big
problems. Can you explain in more details what's happening?

  I am currently running 1.4.5 and it
seems that the version in Debian Testing is only evolution 1.0.5-1. 

1.0.5 is in stable, as you can expect, while at the moment I don't see
any package in testing. Please note that 1) Evolution depends on a lot
of Gnome packages, so it cannot be upgraded until all of them are, and
2) new Gnome packages are entering the Debian repositories right now, so
it's kind of a turbulent time in unstable.

Have you tried apt-get -t unstable install evolution ?
If it doesn't remove any of your preferred software you are probably

Another thing: have you installed in the past Debian packages by Ximian?
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