[Evolution] Problem with debian mixed system

I have been running a Debian mixed system (testing/unstable) mainly to
get a recent version of evolution.  I am currently running 1.4.5 and it
seems that the version in Debian Testing is only evolution 1.0.5-1. 

My first question is how come the testing version is so old and how good
is 1.0?

Anyway, my mixed system is causing me too many problems so I need to go
to the Debian Testing version of evolution, how would I go about this. 
Obviously first I need to backup my mail but have looked in manual & Faq
but cant find where the files are.

Can I just un-install the current version and re-install from testing.

The other option would be to go to mozilla mail until there is a more
recent version of evolution in testing, but I don't know how to migrate
from evolution to mozilla mail.
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