RE: [Evolution] heavy

At 11:45 AM 11/4/2003, you wrote:
>>i got 640mb, swap is never active
>Now, I have 784mb and I've disabled my swap partitions!

Okay.. Now Here's my question.. Do we really need swap space?? I have 512MB
on my laptop. Swap is also 512MB, of which I can see only like 40Mb is used.
I'm not even sure why, since there's like over 200MB Free RAM!

Yes, you will always want to make sure some swap space is available although the find the "twice RAM" argument to be without merit. I also have a 512MB desktop which rarely uses more than about 40MB of swap. I trended this over a few months and then on my next install I limited my swap space to .5 of RAM. Although this is still a bit too much, hard drive space is very cheap and there is no deficit to having too much swap.

Can I disable Swap? any issues? I'm really short on HD space.. 30 GB isn't
much to go around! I'm thinking maybe I should just wipe out XP since I use
Linux 95% of the time..

ps: Sorry, this is not evolution related.. Just the right content..:)

Maybe you should consider a good overall system cleaning and leave swap alone?


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